Simple & secure payments
on time, every time

Manage and automate freelancer payments via smart contracts.
(Ditch the marketplaces. Pure peer-to-peer bliss)

  • upwork alternatives Verified work
  • time tracking, automatic invoicing, screen tracking BYO freelancers & clients
  • get paid in bitcoin, ethereum Save money
  • automatic payment Simple onboarding
contractor payments, forex, international transfers

Sound familiar?

independent contractor, remote worker payment

BOB Freelancer

"Where is my money?"

> Sh*t! I’ll send the invoice tomorrow.
> Are you paying today?
> Have you got more work for me?
> Did you check that work I sent you?
> Late again… Can you set a reminder?
> Hello? Anyone there? …
> F*ck it! Just lost a months’ pay.

I hate the 20% fees on Upwork & freelancer platforms…. I found these clients myself!

I just need a platform for all my contracts that invoices clients for me, proves I have worked and ensure I get paid.

check work, less fees than upwork

LISA Client

"What am I paying for?"

> Hmmm… Is he really working?
> Did it really take that many hours?
> Arrrh. Too busy Bob! I’ll check tomorrow.
> Freeeek! Is this what I am paying for?
> Awkward. Pay now or when he is done?
> He is good! But I am not putting money until I can see this project’s working.
> Darn! Lost Bob. :(

So many freelancers all over the place... this is taking too much of my day.

Why can’t I manage all my freelancers in a single platform, that tracks their work and automates their payments?

We have completely reimagined
freelancer payments

Software contract payments
just got smarter

Outsource software development

Secure Deposits

A smart contract is created. Monies placed on escrow awaiting release.

worker tracking software
Machine learning

Source Code Commits

The connected source code repository is tracked for code commits. Developer peformance is monitored.

time tracker
time doctor

AI Automated Payment

When the agreed conditions are met the smart contract executes and payment is released.

All your freelancers
in one place

  • cryptocurrency PayNinja knows code. Our AI verifies hours and work to ensure accurate payments.
  • ethereum, blockchain, distributed ledger Save time. No more invoicing. No more waiting or chasing up. No more anxiety!
  • bitcoin Save money. Lowest fees. No legals. No risk. No disputes.
  • digital nomad Get results. Talent is hard to find. Paying on time everytime will keep them happy and your project on schedule.

Software Developers · Graphic Designers · Social Media Marketers · Content Writers ·

freelancing and the future of work
  • fiverr, best way to pay
  • tips for freelancers

Why PayNinja?

We believe the future of work is independent and decentralised, and that there is a better way to manage and pay freelancers.
Based at Sydney's innovative fintech hub Stone & Chalk, we are backed by H2 Ventures and top international advisors.

PayNinja is founded by a team of entrepreneurs, software developers and designers with
a strong passion to make the future of work, fair and efficient for all.

fee free, lowest commission, payment solution

Lowest Fees

Pay and get paid in any country with BitCoin, Ethereum and PayPal.

remote workplace

Venture Backed

Our fintech Sydney investors support us in this mission.

pay per hour work software developers

Contract Options

Pay your freelancers by the hour, weekly, fixed price or milestone delivery.

pay hourly ethereum, people per hour

Blockchain Security

Your data is private. The contract payload is encrypted on the blockchain.

  • remote programming "Hassle free and never been easier to pay our staff around the world." - Alejandro Moran - Director @ Flame3 Software
  • freelance work "20% fees on the other platforms is crazy expensive when I already have my clients."
    - Sophie T. Freelancer
  • freelance coding "Marketplaces? We should aim to create something right, fair and better."
    - Skeeper @ HackerNews
  • img "I have Skype and Email relationships with my repeat freelancers so I'll live just fine without Upwork."
    - Ian Bryan @ Medium

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